Customer Referral Program

Customer Referral Program, aka “thanks for helping us grow.”

We at ACS are working overtime, trying our hardest to make the world just a little bit safer. Now, we’re asking for your assistance to build upon our momentum.

Please help us help you to help others. Simply send us a new prospect, and we’ll send you a new camera when they become a customer. 

First, please tell us a little about your friend:

Phone Number


Then, just to make sure you collect your bounty:

Your Name
Your Organization
Your Email*
Your Phone Number

If you send us your friend’s contact info, we’ll follow through and reward you when he buys. Or, you can have your referral get ahold of ACS at and let us know that us you sent him. Either way, we'll be sure to close the circle.

Our only qualifications are *Actually, when your friend purchases at least $1000 of network video security cameras, servers and/or software from ACS, we’ll ship you an Advidia A-14 network security camera (worth about $395 plus free shipping). You can add it to your system, or give it to you friend.

Then, of course, you ought to refer another friend. And another. And another. But who’s counting? This is a love-fest, man!