What We Do

ACS offers a customized video surveillance solution to satisfy any budget. There is always a good-better-best configuration available and we can explain the important differences between them. Allow us to narrow down your options to best available cameras, Network Video Recorders (NVR) and software for your spending plan.


We can look at any scenario and decide on the best cameras for the job. Everything will be considered from the physical build of the camera, lens type, lighting situation to video compression, etc.

System Design

System design has become worthwhile interactive experience with our prospects and customers. ACS offers a camera placement session using a few simple tools. It will allow you and the ACS design team to plot cameras together, remotely and free of charge.


Also known as an NVR or Network Video Recorder. These devices host your security cameras and typically store and disperse video over the internet to client devices like your cell phone. NVRs typically range from a basic console unit to a massive server with incredible amounts of storage.


Often referred to as a VMS or Video Management Software. Your VMS is the head-end solution for administering your camera to user interaction. The best VMS available will have power-user features available to those who need it, but almost a simplistic interface for easy live or recorded viewing.

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Technical Support

ACS offers free tech support in most cases. This includes after hours, weekends and holidays. Our team can typically remote into your NVR or client and fix issues over the internet.

Installation Services
Integration Help

Installation Services

We offer installation services of all sizes and types of campuses. Ask about Our Integration and Installation Services